THE RIGHT TO LANGUAGE: Effective implementation of the National Language Policy to enable bilingual service provision

This initiative aligns itself to the core objective and indirectly contributes to the second core objective of the National Language Fund (NLF). The initiative contributes to increase the capacity of ..

Building Inclusive Communities and Promoting Women’s Leadership (TRANSFORM)

To enhance democracy in northern Sri Lanka through the promotion and protection of gender equality, fundamental freedoms and justice..

Economic empowerment of the traditional ‘Sesath’ community living in the Unaveruwa village

The initiative aims to provide a sustainable livelihood opportunity to this village by developing the industry and introducing sustainable economic development in the form of a social enterprise. Ses..

Promoting Women’s Engagement in Social Cohesion through Solid Waste Management

An innovative, integrated approach to peacebuilding, tackling ethno-religious tensions by bringing communities together to provide a sustainable solution for a shared environmental issue, with women a..

Resilient Communities: Bracing4Impact

Project 'Bracing4Impact' aims to establish and develop a multi-actor dialogue platform at national and global level, which promotes the development and implementation of poverty-oriented, gender-respo..

Empowering Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantation Communities

The formation of Community Development Forums (CDFs) seeks to transform the relationships between management and estate workers, while also providing the estate community with a platform through which..

Youth4Youth: Promoting the Participation of Youth and Women in the Peacebuilding Process

The project aimed to create an enabling environment for youth to engage in the decision-making processes and play an active role in the peace building and development of Sri Lanka...

Economic Empowerment of Military and War Widows

The project aimed to support the women economic empowerment component of Gender Peace Initiative - UN Peace Building Fund project through UNWOMEN in Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Kilinochchi primarily tar..

Film for Dialogue

The project was an effort to contribute to the process of reconciliation and democratization in the country through creating both intra and inter-ethnic dialogues using film medium. It also provided ..

Creating a shared platform to ensure inclusion and enable a collective dialogue

Chrysalis aimed to help increase civic education and engagement of CSOs around key policy reforms, constitutional reforms, new systems, acts and together hold elected representatives and duty bearers ..

Skills for Empowerment

The Skills for Empowerment initiative was developed in partnership with Diageo and CARE International UK and implemented by Chrysalis and Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts. The project focused on providing..

GAP P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) life learning programme

To build the capabilities of women in the plantation industry by enhancing their life skills and giving participants greater control over household income, increased decision making authority, and imp..

Women Empowerment: Action, Voice, Enterprise - Weave

WEAVE is a collaborative effort to support entrepreneurs in the North and link them to the market...

Enterprise: Support to Integrated Rural Development in the most vulnerable districts of Uva & Central Provinces in Sri Lanka

Enterprise aims to create an enabling environment for women and youth to create and participate in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  ..

Re-drawing the Margins – Meaningful engagement of plantation communities in democracy and governance.

The project connected local government service providers with plantation communities by building their capacities to improve service delivery, to respond and be accountable to those they serve...

Strengthening Policy and Action through Citizen’s Engagement (SPACE)

Chrysalis aimed to empower marginalized communities in the country to actively engage in governance; to determine their development priorities, define solutions, design and implement plans to address ..

Network, Engage and Transform (NET Project)

Building on work done by its founding partner CARE, Chrysalis scaled up work done directly with State and Non-State partners over several years in the Northern Province to end SGBV and promote women..

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