Business Solutions

Chrysalis incubates and supports inclusive business models that serve the diverse needs of the Women and Youth we support.

• Conduct market research and identify viable sectors for investment.

• Value Chain Analysis.

• Help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) develop business plans, increase productivity, add value to their product and identify high-return and stable markets.

• Increase the voice and participation of Women and Youth in decision making around business development and economic growth.

• Building solidarity, networks and market linkages across and amongst enterprises.

• Providing life skills such as communication, negotiation and leadership training, to improve productivity, diversity and respect in the workplace.

• Support MSMEs to develop gender transformative, conflict sensitive and climate resilient businesses.

Chrysalis develops leadership of Women and Youth and enables them to influence decisions within their homes, community and the highest decision-making forums in the country.

• Establishing community governance platforms, such as the Community Development Forums (CDFs) on tea plantations and Praja Mandalas across the country that enable dialogue, participatory decision making and access to services and goods between communities and state and government institutions.
• Building capacities of members of community representatives to lead and manage their societies and action groups.
• Promoting political participation of women at the local and national platforms and advocating for more representation and leadership of women in decision making forums.
• Facilitate the development of capacities of officials at Pradeshiya Sabhas, Divisional and District secretariats, and Provincial Councils to enhance effective service delivery, accountability and transparency.
• Creating platforms such as National and Provincial Steering Committees for CSOs led and managed by Women and Youth and State and Government Institutions to collectively design development initiatives, review progress and ensure accountability.

Recognizing the severe impacts of GBV on the ability of Women and Men to have a life of dignity, Chrysalis offers knowledge and technical expertise to address root causes of violence as well as engage in advocacy efforts with others to end it.

• Research and Analysis.

• Develop and replicate community driven, context specific models to end GBV – including models that address social norms that perpetuate GBV and Engaging Men.

• Capacity Building on GBV – Community Members, State/ Government Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society. This includes training, sensitization and awareness for local and International Clients.

• Leading/supporting campaigns at a local and international level.

• Technical Advice on Project Design, Monitoring and Impact Measurement of GBV programmes.

Chrysalis offers technical expertise and accompaniment on Gender Equality and Gender Transformative approaches that go beyond the conceptual realm. We offer practical solutions based on realities within industries (that employ large numbers of Women and Youth, as well as those with the potential to increase their engagement) and communities.

• Gender analysis across sectors and levels (local, national, regional, global), for projects, programmes or high-level strategies.
• Building Capacity including awareness creation, sensitization and training on Diversity, Gender Equality, Gender Based Violence and Sexual Harassment in the workplace and communities.
• Coaching and Mentoring Organizations – including short term and long-term accompaniments.
• Programme and project design and integration, including project design workshops, design review and proposal writing.
• Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for projects and programmes – tools and training.
• Design, lead, support with content and execute provincial and national level campaigns and movements on gender equality.
• Technical support to mainstream Gender in Emergency Response including capacity building.

Chrysalis offers approaches and models that improve social cohesion and reconciliation and celebrate the ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in Sri Lanka especially targeting youth.

• Context and Conflict Analysis.

• Project Management for Corporate Sector CSR projects and Institutional Donor funded initiatives.

• Connecting Enterprises and Civil Society groups across different communities and regions to promote collaboration.

• Capacity Building – awareness, sensitization and training.

• Integrate conflict sensitivity practices across all programming.

• Develop and replicate community driven, context specific models to promote reconciliation – including models that focus on youth and the use of art and culture as a connector.

• Monitoring and Evaluation methods and tools.

• Support Women and Youth to adopt alternative, creative and meaningful approaches to address or create platforms to discuss and define solutions for root causes of conflict.

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