Enterprise: Support to Integrated Rural Development in the most vulnerable districts of Uva & Central Provinces in Sri Lanka

Enterprise aims to create an enabling environment for women and youth to create and participate in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  Targeting the Uva and Central Provinces, it will use inclusive business models to celebrate the diverse perspectives and experiences of those involved while ensuring profitability.

ENTERPRISE will also incubate enterprises, and seek to amplify women and youth voices in economic decisions and influence over SME policies that impact them.

  • Inclusive Business Market Study.
  • Facilitate development of economic development plans by Praja Mandalas and Community development Forums.
  • Training on local business development for women and youth.
  • Coach, mentor and stage competitions for potential entrepreneurs.
  • Establish Business Service Centres and connect service providers.
  • Advocate for the implementation of SME policy recommendations.
  • Regional and National Level Symposiums.
  • Establishment and strengthening of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (including social enterprises) led and managed by young men and women from rural and estate communities.
  • Increased voice and participation of women and youth in decision making around employment creation, business development and economic growth of the rural and estate sectors.
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