Re-drawing the Margins – Meaningful engagement of plantation communities in democracy and governance.

Target Beneficiaries:600,000 people living and working on tea plantations & 100,000 people living in adjacent Sinhalese villages

Donor/Client: European Union

Contract Period: December 2015 – December 2018.

Location: Kandy, Matale, Nuwara Eliya Districts – Central Province, Badulla and Monaragala Districts –Uva Province, Sri Lanka.

  • Generating evidence required for policy dialogue.
  • Lobby Provincial Councils and Central Government towards formulation and implementation of policies.
  • Create public awareness to bring issues into wider social discourse.
  • Build capacity of Pradeshiya Sabhas and Provincial Councils.
  • Strengthen Civil Society Organizations on participatory governance, planning, budgeting and income generation.
  • Facilitate language training for officials working in Pradeshiya Sabhas.
  • Monitor effective implementation of National Language Policy.
  • The formulation of a Policy on Women by the targeted Provincial Councils.
  • Targeted Pradeshiya Sabhas and Provincial Councils demonstrate increased institutional capacity and accountability, delivering efficient, inclusive, transparent and accountable services.
  • Effective implementation of the National Language Policy which facilitates bilingual service provision by local authorities.