Youth4Youth: Promoting the Participation of Youth and Women in the Peacebuilding Process

The project aimed to create an enabling environment for youth to engage in the decision-making processes and play an active role in the peacebuilding and development of Sri Lanka.

The project built synergies and cooperation between emerging youth leaders  from provincial levels, develop mutual respect and understanding and promote resource sharing and civic responsibility.

  • Conducted a Youth and Peacebuilding Survey in the Central Province
  • Held a Youth4Youth (Y4Y) Central Province Youth Symposium
  • Held a Youth4Youth National Youth Symposium
  • Established of a National Youth Peace Panel (YPP)
  • Capacity building of the YPP and implementing Advocacy Projects
  • Engaging Media: Sensitization Workshop for Media Professionals
  • Developed Costed Action Plans on Youth for Northern, Southern, Eastern and Central provinces of Sri Lanka
  • Set-up and built the capacity of the YPP to function as an independent body with recognition and acceptance and represent the interest of and promote the engagement of youth in addressing peacebuilding and development issues and needs.
  • Created a practice and culture among regional media professionals and journalists to promote positive peace narratives.
  • Increased the capacity of national, provincial and sub-national level institutions to engage youth in peacebuilding through policy making and programming.
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