Creating a shared platform to ensure inclusion and enable a collective dialogue

Chrysalis aims to help increase civic education and engagement of CSOs around key policy reforms, constitutional reforms, new systems, acts and together hold elected representatives and duty bearers accountable as well as enable them to undertake policy analysis and dialogue at the division, district and regional levels in an inclusive and collective manner.

  • Empowering and transforming grassroots level CSOs to become agents for policy dialogue and hold duty bearers and elected officials accountable.
  • Improving transparency, accountability and effectiveness of national, provincial and local governance structures is a challenge Sri Lanka
  • Improving collaboration between citizens and duty bearers, thereby enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in delivering public services.
  • Establishing mechanisms to increase meaningful dialogue between grassroots level CSOs and parliamentary and constitutional reform committees by establishing shared platforms and forums.

This project primarily aims at working with CSOs representatives, state officials and women councilors on key policies and acts. Further, providing training programs that will teach state officials about the services they are obliged to offer to citizens, while guiding CSOs to hold duty bearers and politicians accountable. Therefore, this would also serve as a mechanism to bring a wider range of issues to the attention of authorities and facilitate improvements in local participatory processes and the equitable provision of local services to benefit all citizens.


  • Training programmes for CSOs and local government women councilors.
  • Establishing two grassroots level CSO federations.
  • Capacity building for officials on roles and function of committees and commissions.
  • Establishing district and provincial women councilors caucuses.
  • Facilitate collaboration between CSOs and state officials.
  • Establish “Town Hall” – shared platforms for policy dialogues.
  • Link provincial women caucus with the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus and SOC on Gender and Women.
  • Create and maintain a “Base Camp” for political dialogue and action.
  • Publish a process documentation.