Subitha: Unlikely Entrepreneur?

Neither a civil war, family problems, sleepless nights nor a weak heart could stop 36-year-old Subitha from Visuvamadu in the North of Sri Lanka, from running a successful enterprise. Subitha was determined to prove that she would not be a burden to her family who could not afford a dowry for her to be married, and started sewing and selling baby clothes.

Selvamalar’s Story

Selvamalar runs a successful food processing business in Mullaitivu. She currently employs 8 women and runs a certified kitchen with established market links. Selvamalar knows only too well the hardships of life, having survived a war, multiple displacements, and abandonment by her husband.

Bro' gets a 'Sis: The Men's Underwear Startup 'Shani Apparel'

After eleven years of working for local clothing manufacturers, when marraige meant she had to shift from her home town,Shanika decided to start her own business. Having analyzed the local textile market, she discovered the sector was saturated. Men's underwear, by contrast had a huge potential.

Art from Waste: Gemstone Studio Crest Mineral Creations

Indika Weragoda, an entrepreneur and extraordinary individual, creates art from the remains of gemstone production; Sri Lanka’s seventh largest export. In Weragoda’s factory in Buttala, in the rural south of Sri Lanka, rock dust is turned into pictures and frescoes according to customers wishes.