Malshani Flora - Reviving Sri Lanka's coffee industry

“I dream of a world where my children and the people of my country can have vegetables that are not harmful to their health”. Mrs. Malani Jayesekara is an inspiring entrepreneur in her early seventies, producing organic fertilizers and growing ve..

Weaving livelihoods together!

➔ "I am proud of what I have achieved and I know I have made my children and family proud”. Sashikala Cane works, the product of Gnanawathi's entrepreneurial journey gives a new life to a traditional craft of Sri Lanka. ..

Amaya Batik: Promoting batiks made from organic dyes

Amaya Natural Batik is a start-up owned by Mrs. Shiromi Pathirana with the mission of promoting batiks made of organic dyes. The enterprise was initiated in 2015 and has generated four employment opportunities to date — two for female breadwinners ..

Art from Waste: Gemstone Studio Crest Mineral Creations

Indika Weragoda, an entrepreneur and extraordinary individual, creates art from the remains of gemstone production; Sri Lanka’s seventh largest export. In Weragoda’s factory in Buttala, in the rural south of Sri Lanka, rock dust is turned into pi..

Bro' gets a 'Sis: The Men's Underwear Startup 'Shani Apparel'

After eleven years of working for local clothing manufacturers, when marraige meant she had to shift from her home town,Shanika decided to start her own business. Having analyzed the local textile market, she discovered the sector was saturated. Men'..

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