Building Inclusive Communities and Promoting Women’s Leadership (TRANSFORM)

To enhance democracy in northern Sri Lanka through the promotion and protection of gender equality, fundamental freedoms and justice

The project will enable 300 Women and 100 men and strengthen 18 Shared Advocacy Platforms in 5 districts in Northern Sri Lanka to transform social norms and structural barriers that continue to perpetuate gender-based discrimination and violate fundamental freedoms.

Chrysalis will continue to work with the 420 women leaders supported by the EU funded NET project and strengthen and expand the platforms including the ‘Town Hall Platforms’, CSO Federations and Women Caucuses established within the Shared Platform Project funded by USAID under its programme ‘Strengthening partnerships for democratic governance through regional and national grants to Civil Society Organizations’.

Chrysalis will partner with the Law and Society Trust (LST) in this project.

The action proposes to adopt a holistic and transformative approach to address root causes that inhibit the freedoms and rights of women and marginalized communities they represent.

These include discriminatory patriarchal normative practices which prevent women from exercising their freedoms and rights; unavailability of conducive platforms and spaces to freely express views and associate with different power groups; systematic suppression of civic and political activism; limited knowledge, understanding and capacities of human right defenders; the lack of understanding on the intersectionality of gendered implications across social divides and weak law enforcement.

  • Agency of 300 women and 100 men built to promote and protect gender equality, human rights, fundamental freedoms and justice
  • 18 shared platforms strengthened to ensure freedom of assembly and association and improve protection mechanisms for women and CSO leaders and human rights defenders
  • National level discourse on gendered implications of rights, fundamental freedoms and thought, conscience and religion promoted utilizing community generated evidence and knowledge
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