Resilient Communities: Bracing4Impact

‘Bracing4Impact’ aims to establish and develop a multi-actor dialogue platform at national and global level, which promotes the development and implementation of poverty-oriented, gender-responsive and human rights-based climate and disaster risk finance measures, under the InsuResilience Global Partnership (IGP).

In Sri Lanka, Chrysalis together with partner SLYCAN Trust GTE) Ltd will establish a Multi Actor Partnership consisting of Civil Society Organizations, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, farmers and inland fishing communities, plantation sector representatives, private sector actors, plantation women and youth, relevant line ministries and Policy makers.

The impacts of climate change increasingly and undermine any progress towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and poverty eradication in developing countries. A common aspect of climate change is the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events worldwide. The impact is unevenly distributed across lives, livelihoods, and assets and threaten efforts to sustainably reduce poverty. Each year, disasters force 26 million people into poverty.

The direct and indirect impacts of climate change are devastating to all business activities and their continuity in general. However, considering the importance of the tea industry, Civil Society Organizations, and Micro, Small and Medium  Enterprises (MSMEs) to Sri Lanka’s economy, and the increasing risks and uncertainties due to climate change, it is imperative that we understand the risk management strategies of these sectors when facing climate-induced hazards and risks and uncertainties.

Given the vulnerability of Sri Lanka related to climate change and associated environmental disasters. Chrysalis is facilitating a series of consultations with key stakeholders in the Tea Plantations, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sectors in Uva and Central provinces to understand the impact of climate change and to prepare and respond to the impact of climate change and build the resilience of communities. Paralelly, the SLYCAN Trust (GTE) Ltd facilitates consultation meetings with farming communities in Anuradhapura and inland fisheries communities in the Trincomalee districts.

A Multi-Actor Partnership established to discuss climate and disaster risks and its impact.

  • Introduce the concept of climate insurance to the plantation sector, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Civil Society Organizations, farmers and inland fishing communities to build resilience to impacts of climate induced hazards.
  • Capacity building of vulnerable/disaster prone communities i.e. farmer communities, plantation sector workers, Micro, Small and Medium business holders, plantation women and youth on climate induced hazards and its impact.
  • Identification of gaps and constraints in policy for implementing climate risk transfer mechanisms and climate insurance.
  • Series of consultations with farmer communities, plantation sector workers, Micro, Small and Medium business holders, plantation women and youth to understand climate induced disaster risks and vulnerabilities faced by each sector.
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