Within the Chrysalis, growth and differentiation occur. The adult butterfly emerges from this and expands its wings...

At Chrysalis our focus is on empowering Women and Youth, because we believe that they are the leaders and drivers of change and transformation, required for Sri Lanka to fulfil its potential.

There are diverse and multiple challenges experienced by Women and Youth that prevent them from fully participating in the country’s development and growth. Our response to this reality is to develop innovative solutions that will turn around this status quo and promote inclusive economic growth.

Our Business Solutions

Our solutions range from supporting the private sector to improve their social responsibility commitments and promoting diversity, to working with Government Ministries on establishing and implementing supportive policies and regulations and engaging citizens, to engaging civil society partners on issues of gender equality, gender-based violence, building peaceful communities and on emergency preparedness.

Comprehensive Models
of Ending Gender Based
Violence (GBV)

Inclusive Business

Inclusive Governance

Approaches and Models that
Celebrate Diversity

Thought Leadership

Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Risk Reduction

Technical Advice
Gender Equality

Catalyzing Change for 3 Years!

It feels like we have come together as a tiny organization just the other day, yet today we are Forty Five of strong personalities which is why we decided to celebrate what we have achieved!!!..

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