Global Report: Investing in women entrepreneurs is vital now more than ever

“Coronavirus hit us hard at the start. I feared that my business would completely collapse. Now we are diversifying and developing new products.” Sharmini from Sri Lanka shows incredible resilience in the face of a crisis. Read CARE’s Women Mean Business Global Report Global Report, fronted by Sharmini Thiyakaran, to find out why investing in […]..

One Stop Shops for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

The Ministry of Small and Medium Business and Enterprise Development has received Cabinet approval to establish Business Services Centers (One Stop Shops) across the country. The One Stop Service Center will focus on facilitating regulatory functions and Business Development Services. The Ministry will coordinate the establishment of these service centers at the national level in […]..

How small businesses rallied together to combat COVID 19

With the Covid-19 crises causing economic havoc in the country, the challenges of running small businesses slowly multiplied due to the lock down and social distancing required to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. Despite the challenges, however, many of the grantee enterprises that Chrysalis works with, responded immediately of their own accord. They […]..