Celebrating World MSME Day 2021

MSMEs make up over 90% of all firms and count on average 70% of employment globally. 37% of all MSMEs in developing countries are led by women. In Sri Lanka MSMEs are clearly critical to the economy, contributing to over half of the national GDP and employing 45% of the country’s labour force. A key […]..

National Symposium on understanding the challenges experienced by women engaged in micro, small and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka and identifying key policy recommendations

Chrysalis together with the Ministry of Samurdhi, Household Economy, Micro Finance, Self-Employment, Business Development and the European Union in Sri Lanka, hosted a two-day National Symposium to convene diverse stakeholders to revisit Sri Lanka’s Policy on SMEs in order to identify and define a way forward to address the challenges experienced by women engaged in […]..

It’s Her Time Now: Campaign for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence in 2020.

53% of Sri Lanka’s GDP is contributed by the country’s SME sector. However, women’s participation in the sector remains low at only 24%. Thus, in-line with our focus on empowering women entrepreneurs to thrive in Sri Lanka’s Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSMEs), Chrysalis decided to highlight some of the key issues that ‘women entrepreneurs […]..

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