How small businesses rallied together to combat COVID 19

With the Covid-19 crises causing economic havoc in the country, the challenges of running small businesses slowly multiplied due to the lock down and social distancing required to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. Despite the challenges, however, many of the grantee enterprises that Chrysalis works with, responded immediately of their own accord. They rallied together as groups, consortium and even individuals to donate thousands of reusable face masks to hospitals, local authorities and the community. They also gave oxygen tanks and security kits, and designed and installed wash basins around towns promoting better hygienic practices.

The enterprises further got together with the community and donated over a 1,000 kilogrammes of vegetables to quarantine centers. They also identified vulnerable families and distributed dry rations and supported daily wage earners with an allowance.

Many enterprises in the apparel and textiles industry also made the crises an opportunity by selling more than 100,000 reusable face masks island wide at a lower price.

Chrysalis also responded immediately to several requests from the community and local authorities, for various apparatus to combat the spreading of the pandemic in the country. Due to the curfew the people below the poverty line in the district were struggling meet their basic needs as they mainly depend on daily wages. It was difficult for people with a low income in this situation to ensure their safety. Considering the request to support such poor families in the district, 1000 reusable facemasks were donated to the Monaragala District Secretariat Office (DSO) to distribute to vulnerable families. Facemasks were also donated to the DSOs of Matale, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. Additionally, 10 health safety kits were donated to the Matale Hospital.



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