Global Report: Investing in women entrepreneurs is vital now more than ever

“Coronavirus hit us hard at the start. I feared that my business would completely collapse. Now we are diversifying and developing new products.” Sharmini from Sri Lanka shows incredible resilience in the face of a crisis.

Read CARE’s Women Mean Business Global Report Global Report, fronted by Sharmini Thiyakaran, to find out why investing in women entrepreneurs is vital, now more than ever. The report is packed full of women’s stories, amazing stats from the Women in Enterprise global programme, explains the key components for successful enterprise development and, last but not least, sets out the business case for investing in women entrepreneurs.

Mention about the Sri Lanka’s contribution is as follows:

Page 4: Foreword by Sharmini Thiyakaran, Coir Manufacturer from Konavil, North of Sri Lanka

Page 10:  Skills Strengthening – Kirupalini Karunakaran, President of a Weaver’s Cooperative, Sri Lanka

Page 12:  Arudselvi Jaicilin,  a tailor from Sri Lanka, whose husband took part in the training speaks on ‘Engaging Men and Boys’.

Video: Sharmini Thiyakaran, Coir Manufacturer, Sri Lanka
On Engaging Men & Boys : “I teach my son that there are no specific tasks for men or women. My husband has changed, he helps me in the company and also at home.” Video below:

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