Advocating Aggressively for a ‘Life Free from Violence’

In September 2019 Chrysalis was represented at the CARE International Gender Network (CIGN) in Bangkok as leads of CARE’s global outcome on a ‘Life Free from Violence’. Represented by Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala and Zainab Ibrahim, Chrysalis facilitated critical conversations on the future of CARE’s work on tackling Gender-Based-Violence in both development and humanitarian settings, and on CARE’s approach to engaging with social movements. The discussions provided important input into CARE’s broader process on developing goals and a plan of action for an ‘Agenda 2030’.

The CIGN which was established in 2007 is a network of gender specialists and focal persons across CARE, promoting gender equality in policies, approaches and work across the CARE confederation. This network was instrumental in developing CARE’s first Gender Policy in 2009, followed by an emphasis on implementation and monitoring of the same; it facilitated the first CARE-wide GBV strategy (2015) and guidance on the Gender Equality and Women’s Voice approach in 2016 to further CARE International’s policies, practices and impact towards achieving gender equality.

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