Selvamalar’s Story

Selvamalar runs a successful food processing business in Mullaitivu.  She currently employs 8 women and runs a certified kitchen with established market links.  She has also single-handedly raised 2 children who are now independent adults.  Selvamalar knows only too well the hardships of life, having survived a war, multiple displacements, and abandonment by her husband. She has only grown stronger through these challenges and now expends her time improving her business in order to support vulnerable women by providing them employment.

She successfully applied for a business grant provided through Chrysalis’ partnership with CARE Netherlands and H&M Foundation and used these funds to further expand her business, subsequently being featured on their Foundation 500 list of successful female business leaders.

Chrysalis endeavors to support women’s groups engaged in businesses to support the local economy and uplift the position of vulnerable women in society.